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The Anthropocene Reviewed

Capacity for Wonder and Sunsets

23:38 | Oct 31st, 2019

3 recommendations
John Green reviews humanity’s capacity for wonder and sunsets.


jossbiggins recommended:Dec 9th, 2019

"aesthetic beauty is as much about how and whether you look - as what you see, from Cork to the supernova the wonders do not seise It is our attentiveness that is in short supply " " It is the lack of capacity, and willingness to do the work that awe requires. " However - I’m quite fond of our capacity for awe. I’d give it 4 stars 

mm recommended:Nov 25th, 2019

This was such a beautiful podcast on the capacity of human for wonder and beauty. In a mere twenty minutes, it covers why the Great Gatsby is loved and scorned as an American classic, why the sun is essential for life yet we turn away from it, the beauty of something as vast as sunsets and something as small as the veins of a leaf, the belly of a dog inviting us to its vulnerability, and so much more that's beautiful, but don't stop to think about enough. Plus, John Green's voice is so meditative.

mmNov 25th, 2019

Thanks @mavislightyear for the echo for this! Loved this episode so much.

mmNov 25th, 2019

@aliceko @jossbiggins @steverio - I think you all will enjoy this podcast episode about humanity’s capacity for wonder, beauty, and sunsets.

mavislightyearNov 26th, 2019

@mm cheers😊

jossbigginsNov 26th, 2019

@mm love it! Thank you for the reco! Added to the list I’ll make sure to leave some notes when I finish!