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Hunting Warhead

Episode 1: Hacker vs. Hacker

54:24 | Nov 4th, 2019

8 recommendations
Einar Stangvik is a white-hat hacker — an internet security expert with an expertise in cracking the most secure and disturbing parts of the web. He discovers a troubling phenomenon online and joins f...Show More


cesarm recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

Very interesting show about the Dark Web. After the twist at the end of the episode you will be hooked for the rest of the season.

alishiamarie recommended:Nov 15th, 2019

This podcast is blowing my mind. A journalist works to stop pedophiles on the dark web and stumbles upon an undercover investigation only to become part of it. So crazy good

mmNov 15th, 2019

Passing on the kudos to the @cbcpodcasts team!

alishiamarieNov 15th, 2019

@mm I could not make this story up if I tried...they deserve all the kudos!

mmNov 15th, 2019

@ddtbagbabe Just listening to it right now! I know you have super high podcast standards. So I’m excited.

alishiamarieNov 15th, 2019

@mm aww thanks babe, you’re sweet! Have you checked out Radio Rental yet????

mmNov 15th, 2019

@ddtbagbabe Nope, but I saw you and @cesarm praising it, is it’s on my list!

alishiamarieNov 15th, 2019

@mm seriously....drop everything and binge the 4 episodes... the 4th blew my mind. And I cannot stop thinking of it

mmNov 15th, 2019

@ddtbagbabe Btw I forgot where we were talking about Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Oscars performance, but did you see that news the other day where Gaga made the “shocking” statement that they are not in love and it was all acting to make them seem so? Saw it and thought of you. You called it. 😂

alishiamarieNov 15th, 2019

@mm I didn’t see that! She’s irritating, just be honest and own up to the fact that you inappropriately pretended to have feelings for a nan that was taken for your Oscar push. Sleeze ball!

michelle_ebooks recommended:Nov 22nd, 2019

wow... i... am speechless by this whole (incredible!!) investigative reporting on child abuse materials on the dark web. overall i am so fully disturbed but also entirely fascinated.

julie recommended:Dec 30th, 2019

Really well done. I was quite troubled by what I learned, but was unable to stop listening.

rmmiller364 recommended:Jun 1st

This recommendation is really for the entire series. It deals with a difficult theme, but one that is really important to understand.

I thought this episode was:

😱 Horrifying
🤔 Thought-provoking
🕵️‍ Well-researched

gml recommended:Nov 27th, 2019

I haven’t stopped thinking about Ep 3 since I heard it. This podcast is just good solid reporting/writing & treats a difficult-to-discuss subject with the right tone, amount if detail disclosure & respect. My vote for most important podcast episode of the year

mmNov 27th, 2019

Would you say it's the best *podcast* of the year @gml? Currently taking picks from Podyssey members for CBC's @podcastplaylist "Top Podcast of the Year" roundup episode! More info here -->

gmlNov 28th, 2019

@mm yes! @podcastplaylist