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The Peter Attia Drive

#79 - Ric Elias: Earning the gift of life

1:41:53 | Nov 11th, 2019

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In this episode, Ric Elias, founder of Red Ventures, opens up about the fateful day he knew for certain that he was going to die as a passenger on US Airways Flight 1549. Ric dives deep into how that ...Show More


aliceko recommended:Feb 8th

My god, one of my favorite episodes ever. Dr. Peter Attia shows his range as he veers from his typical 'medical and health' type of interview to shine a light on a topic that everybody needs to consider more frequently: perspective, the eventual end of life, and what to do with your very short time ...Show More

serena recommended:Feb 7th

Damn this was a good episode. Offers some much needed perspective for everybody!