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How to Build Popular Podcasts and Blogs

Feb 10th1:05:43

Many of you have asked me how I have built a popular blog and podcast. I've contemplated writing a long post about this, and then Mari Takahashi (@atomicmari) -- a successful ballerina, gamer, and content creator -- sent me some very good questions that I decided to answer in this episode. The Tim Ferriss Show has almost 300 million downloads and is the first business interview podcast to cross a hundred million downloads -- but with its fair share of mistakes and trials by fire along the way. Additionally, my blog receives between three and four million unique visitors per month. There are certainly bigger podcasts and blogs, but I share how I've been able to grow both with only a couple full-time employees and a few part-time assistants. Enjoy! This podcast is brought to you by Four S... Show More

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