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Casefile True Crime

Case 76: Silk Road (Part 1)

1:26:20 | Feb 10th, 2018

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[Part 1 of 3] The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that started in China in the 2nd century B.C. Via a combination of roads, and sea routes, goods like silk, paper and spices were transported from the producers in Asia to markets i...Show More

2jacobusgirlsMar 2nd, 2018

all THREE parts of silk road are great

dannyMar 4th, 2018

Saw a couple users echo this episode and... It's a great listen. A detailed look at the drug website, the silk road.

leiasoloFeb 23rd

The series is so good! Yay for Australian podcasts

tgilbertpeFeb 23rd

I also saw several echoes on this & gave it a shot - I am not disappointed! It reminded me of a true life (less violent) Breaking Bad.

dannyFeb 23rd

There were "murders" though. But I'm torn, I'm not sure wether to feel bad for the guy because he really believed in what he was doing vs. He was a criminal mastermind.

dannyFeb 23rd

Definitely spent a hour googling him and vanity Jones

dannyFeb 23rd


eisforerinMar 6th, 2018

Holy smokes, this three part story is INCREDIBLE

dannyFeb 23rd

layneMar 7th, 2018

Enjoyed all 3 parts of this. Fascinating how the Silk Road founder, participants and even some law enforcement all became bent and corrupted.

cesarmJun 18th

The best movie that Martin Scorsese has not directed yet.