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Episode 209: Sarah Schweitzer

Aug 31st, 201645:52

Sarah Schweitzer is a former feature writer for the Boston Globe. “I just am drawn, I think, to the notion that we start out as these creatures that just want love and were programmed that way—to try to find it and to make our lives whole. We are, as humans, so strong in that way. We get knocked down, and adults do some horrible things to us because adults have had horrible things done to [them]. There are some terrible cycles in this world. But there’s always this opportunity to stop that cycle. And there are people who come along who do try that in their own flawed ways.” Thanks to MailChimp and AlarmGrid for sponsoring this week's episode. @SarahSchweitzer Schweitzer on Longform [2:45] With Her [3:15] Pineapple Street Media [4:45] "The life and times of Strider Wolf" (Boston Globe • No... Show More

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