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Episode 135: Scott Anderson

Apr 1st, 20151:01:49

Scott Anderson is a war correspondent and novelist. He’s written for The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, Vanity Fair, and more. “I really feel that what’s at the root of so many wars now, modern wars, unconventional wars, it really just comes down to a bunch of young guys with access to guns coming up with a pretext to rape and murder and pillage and steal from their neighbors.” Thanks to TinyLetter, MarketingProfs, and WealthFront for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: Anderson on Longform [5:00] The Man Who Tried to Save the World (Doubleday • 1999) [5:00] "Prisoner of War" (Harper’s • Jan 1997) [sub required] [5:00] War Zones (with Jon Lee Anderson • Dodd Mead • 1988) [14:00] "What Happened to Fred Cuny?" (New York Times Magazine • Feb 1996) [19:00] "The Hunger ... Show More

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