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Episode 273: Zoe Chace

Dec 6th, 20171:05:55

Zoe Chace is a reporter and producer at This American Life. “Radio is a movie in your head. It’s a very visual thing. It’s a transporting thing—when it’s done well. And it’s louder than your thoughts. It is both of those things. It would just take me out of the place that I was, where I was lost and couldn’t figure things out. ... They had a very personal way of telling the story to you, so that you kind of felt like you’re there with them. Like it’s less lonely, it’s literally less lonely to have them there. And that felt really good.” Thanks to MailChimp, Mubi, Squarespace, and Casper for sponsoring this week's episode. @zchace [02:30] Chace's Archive at This American Life [02:30] Chace's Archive at Planet Money [04:00] Longform Podcast #239: Brian Reed [05:50] S-Town [16:10] Weekend Ed... Show More

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