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Episode 150: Margaret Sullivan

Jul 22nd, 201545:31

Margaret Sullivan is the public editor of The New York Times. “Jill Abramson said to me early on, ‘What will happen here is you’ll stick around and eventually you’ll alienate everybody, and then no one will be talking to you, and you’ll have to leave.’ I’m about three-quarters of the way there.” Thanks to TinyLetter and Netflix for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @Sulliview [5:00] "One Year Later, 11 Questions for Dean Baquet"(The New York Times • May 2015) [6:00] The Public Editor's Journal [7:00] "AnonyWatch" (The New York Times) [9:00] "The Disconnect on Anonymous Sources" (The New York Times • Oct 2013) [10:00] "Trend-spotting, With Wink at Mr. Peanut" (The New York Times • March 2014) [11:00] "...Introducing The Monocle Meter" (The New York Times • Nov 2014) ... Show More

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