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Episode 194: Pablo S. Torre

May 25th, 201657:25

Pablo Torre is a senior writer at ESPN the Magazine and frequently appears on Around the Horn, PTI, and other ESPN shows. “Most of my friends are not sports fans. My parents aren't. Brother and sister — no. So I just want to make things that they want to read. That's the big litmus test for me in deciding if a story is worth investing my time into: Is somebody who doesn’t give a shit about sports gonna be interested in this?” Thanks to MailChimp, Johnson & Johnson, FreshBooks, and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @PabloTorre Pablog Torre on Longform [07:00] Torre’s Harvard Crimson Archive [11:00] "Fuck It We’ll Do It Live!" (YouTube) [12:00] First Take [12:00] "Raissman: Who will be Stephen A. Smith’s next foil on ESPN" (Bob Raissman • New York Daily News • Apr... Show More

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