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Episode 235: Caity Weaver

Mar 8th, 201746:02

Caity Weaver is a staff writer at GQ. “I always try to remember: you don’t have to tell people what you’re not good at. You don’t have to remind them of what you’re not doing well or what your weak points are. Don’t apologize for things immediately. Always give a little less information than they need. Don’t overshare.” Thanks to MailChimp for sponsoring this week's episode. @caityweaver caity.info Weaver on Longform [02:30] "Kim Kardashian West Has a Few Things to Get Off Her Chest" (GQ • Jun 2016) [11:45] Weaver's Hairpin archive [13:00] Weaver's Gawker archive [13:00] A.J. Daulerio on the Longform Podcast [15:30] "New Jersey Children Forced to Shun Sad, Friendless Bear" (Gawker• Jun 2013) [16:30] "Justin Bieber Would Like to Reintroduce Himself" (GQ • Feb 2016) [18:00] "Larry David and... Show More

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