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Episode 208: Rachel Monroe

Aug 24th, 201651:43

Rachel Monroe is a freelance writer based in Texas. “I will totally go emotionally deep with people. If I can find a subject who is into that then it will probably be a good story. Whether that person is a victim of a crime, or a committer of a crime, or a woman who spends a lot of time on the internet looking for hoaxes, or whatever it may be—I guess I just think people are interesting. Particularly when those people have gone through some sort of extreme situation.” Thanks to MailChimp, Club W, and Igloo for sponsoring this week's episode. @rachmonroe rachel-monroe.com Monroe on Longform [00:45] "Fire Behavior" (Oxford American • Apr 2014) [01:00] Love and Ruin: Tales of Obsession, Danger, and Heartbreak from the Atavist Magazine (W.W. Norton & Company • 2016) [04:45] "From Pickup Artis... Show More

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