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Episode 193: Robin Marantz Henig

May 18th, 201656:51

Robin Marantz Henig, the author of nine books, writes about science and medicine for The New York Times Magazine. “I have my moments of thinking, ‘Well, why is this still so hard? Why do I still have to prove myself after all this time?’ If I were in a different field, or if I were even on a staff, I’d have a title that gave me more respect. I still have to wait just as long as any other writer to get any kind of response to a pitch. I still have to pitch. Nothing is automatic, even after all these years of working at this.” Thanks to MailChimp, Johnson & Johnson, and Audible. Show Notes: @robinhenig robinhenig.com Henig on Longform [2:00] "The Mastermind" (Evan Ratliff • The Atavist Magazine • Mar 2016) [06:00] Vaginal Politics (Quadrangle Books • 1972) [12:00] Writer’s Market 2016: The... Show More

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