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Episode 191: Kelly McEvers

May 4th, 201656:52

Kelly McEvers, a former war correspondent, hosts NPR's All Things Considered and the podcast Embedded. “Listeners want you to be real, a real person. Somebody who stumbles and fails sometimes. I think the more human you are, the more people can then relate to you. The whole point is not so everybody likes me, but it’s so people will want to take my hand and come along. It's so they feel like they trust me enough to come down the road with me. To do that, I feel like you need to be honest and transparent about what that road’s like.” Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @kellymcevers McEvers on Longform [02:00] "How It Ends" (Lenny • Apr 2016) [06:00] "Diary of a Bad Year: A War Correspondent’s Dilemma" (Transom • Jun 2013) [08:00] ... Show More

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