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Bonus Episode: Louisa Thomas and Evan Thomas

Jun 19th, 201657:43

Louisa Thomas, a former writer and editor at Grantland, is a New Yorker contributor and the author of Louisa. Her father Evan Thomas, a longtime writer for Newsweek and Time, is the author of several award-winning books, including last year's Being Nixon. “That's one thing I've learned from my dad: the capacity to be open to becoming more open.” Thanks to MailChimp's Freddie and Co. for sponsoring this bonus episode. Show Notes: @louisahthomas louisathomas.com Louisa Thomas on Longform [:30] Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams (Penguin • 2016) [8:30] "James Reston a Giant of Journalism, Dies at 86" (R.W. Apple • New York Times • Dec 1995) [10:00] Longform Podcast #168: Ta-Nehisi Coates [16:30] "Adventures in Wonderlawn: Living the Surreal Life at Wimbledon" (Louisa Thomas • Gran... Show More

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