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Episode 181: Wesley Yang

Feb 24th, 201653:28

Wesley Yang writes for New York and other publications. “If a person remains true to some part of their experience, no matter what it is, and they present it in full candor, there’s value to that. People will recognize it. Once I knew that was true, I knew I could do this.” Thanks to MailChimp, Home Chef, and Trunk Club for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @wesyang Yang on Longform [02:00] "Paper Tigers" (New York • May 2011) [10:00] "The Snakehead" (Patrick Radden Keefe • New Yorker • Apr 2006) [24:00] "Eddie Huang Against the World" (New York Times Magazine • Feb 2015) [24:00] "The Face of Seung-Hui Cho" (n+1 • Jun 2011) [27:00] "The Life and Afterlife of Aaron Swartz" (New York • Feb 2013) [32:00] "The True Import of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro (For Peppe... Show More

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