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Episode 170: Aleksandar Hemon at the Miami Book Fair

Dec 4th, 201534:39

Aleksandar Hemon is a writer from Bosnia whose fiction and non-fiction has appeared in The New Yorker and Granta. His books include The Lazarus Project, The Question of Bruno, and The Book of My Lives. “For me and for everyone I know, that's the central fact of our lives. It's the trauma that we carry, that we cannot be cured of. The way things are in Bosnia, it's far from over. It's not peace, it's the absence of war. It's always there as a possibility. There's no way to imagine anything beyond a society defined by war.” Thanks to The Standard Hotels, MailChimp, and Howl.FM for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: aleksandarhemon.com Hemon on Longform [1:00] "The Aquarium" (The New Yorker • Oct 2014) [1:00] The Book of My Lives (Farrar, Straus and Giroux • 2013) [5:00] ... Show More

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