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Episode 220: Kyle Chayka

Nov 16th, 201637:48

Kyle Chayka is a freelance writer who writes for Businessweek, The Verge, Racked, The New Yorker, and more. “I love that idea of form and content being the same. I want to write about lifestyle in a lifestyle magazine. I want to critique technology in the form of technology, and kind of have the piece be this infiltrating force that explodes from within or whatever. You want something that gets into the space, and sneaks in, and then blows up.” Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Texture for sponsoring this week's episode. @chaykak kchayka.tumblr.com Chayka on Longform [02:00] Study Hall [04:30] Chayka’s Tufts Daily Archive [06:00] "Welcome to Airspace" (The Verge • Aug 2016) [06:45] "The Last Lifestyle Magazine" (Racked • Mar 2016) [17:15] "Reign, Supreme" (Racked • Jul 2016) [19:00] David... Show More

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