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Episode 230: Ezra Edelman

Feb 1st, 20171:02:51

Ezra Edelman is the director of O.J.: Made in America. “When I say what I learned is that America is even more fucked up than I had previously thought, it’s that—the superficiality of it. How we are willingly seduced by these shiny people and these shiny things. And, again, when I looked at O.J.’s trajectory, that was an operating principle.” Thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace, Casper, and Secrets, Crimes, & Audiotape for sponsoring this week's episode. @ezraedelman [00:45] "Vanish" (Evan Ratliff • Wired • Nov 2009) [00:45] O.J.: Made in America [02:30] Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals [10:30] The Straight Story [20:30] Tamara Rosenburg on IMDB [38:15] Caroline Waterlow on IMDB [39:15] Nina Krstic on IMDB [46:30] "What Football Does to the Brain" (Mike Orcutt • MIT Technology Review • Ja... Show More

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