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Episode 242: Sarah Menkedick

Apr 26th, 201734:10

Sarah Menkedick is a freelance writer and the founder of Vela. Her upcoming book is Homing Instincts: Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm. “I’d been rejected a ton of times—I had that 400-page thing that never became a book. So there were plenty of epic rejections that felt catastrophic. And I’d sort of arrived at this point where I was like: I’m living in my parents' cabin, and I’m pregnant, so whatever. Fuck it. I’m gonna write whatever I want to write.” Thanks to MailChimp and Blue Apron for sponsoring this week's episode. @sarahmenkedick sarahmenkedick.com Menkedick on Longform [00:15] The Writing Program at the University of Pittsburgh [01:00] Aaron and the Donut Dude [01:15] Homing Instincts: Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm (Pantheon • 2017) [01:15] Vela [02:15] "Why don’t p... Show More

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