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Episode 198: Frank Rich

Jun 22nd, 201646:28

Frank Rich, a former culture and political columnist for The New York Times, writes for New York and is the executive producer of Veep. “All audiences bite back. If you have an opinion—forget about whether it’s theater or politics. If it’s about sports, fashion, or food—it doesn’t really matter. Readers are gonna bite back. And they should, you know? Everyone’s entitled. Everyone’s a critic. Everyone should have an opinion. You’re not laying down the law, and people should debate it.” Thanks to MailChimp and Casper for sponsoring this week's episode. @frankrichny Rich on Longform [2:00] Hot Seat: Theater Criticism for The New York Times, 1980-1993 (Random House • 1998) [13:30] "The Gay Decades" (Esquire • Nov 1987) [sub req'd] [15:45] Rich’s Archive at The New York Times [17:30] Rich’s Ar... Show More

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