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Episode 229: Alexey Kovalev

Jan 25th, 201729:33

Alexey Kovalev is a Moscow-based journalist and the author of the recent article, “A Message to My Doomed Colleagues in the American Media." “It’s really disheartening to see how little it takes for people to start believing in something that directly contradicts the empirical facts that they are directly confronting. The Russian TV channel tells you that the pill is red, but the pill in front of you is blue. It completely alters the perception of reality. You don’t know what’s real anymore.” Thanks to MailChimp and Penn State World Campus. @Alexey_Kovalev noodleremover.news [00:15] "A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media" (Medium • Jan 2017) [02:45] RIA Novosti [06:00] RT [07:30] Kovalev’s Archive at The Guardian [11:45] "RT, Information War, and Billions of Views: Where... Show More

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