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Episode 183: Jia Tolentino

Mar 9th, 20161:01:24

Jia Tolentino is the deputy editor of Jezebel. “Insult itself is an opportunity. I’m glad to be a woman, and I’m glad not to be white. I think it’s made me tougher. I’ve never been able to assume comfort or power. I’m just glad. I’m glad, especially as you watch the great white male woke freak-out meltdown that’s happening right now, I’m glad that it’s good to come from below.” Thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace, and Home Chef for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @jiatolentino jiatolentino.tumblr.com Tolentino on Longform [08:00] "A Chat with Malcolm Brenner, Man Famous for Having Sex with a Dolphin" (Jezebel • Feb 2015) [08:00] Wet Goddess (Malcolm J. Brenner • Eyes Open Media • 2009) [11:00] Tolentino’s Interview With a Virgin Archive (The Hairpin) [15:00] "Rush Af... Show More

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