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Bonus Episode: Noreen Malone

Jul 31st, 201519:59

Noreen Malone wrote "Cosby: The Women — An Unwanted Sisterhood," this week's cover story in New York. “We interviewed them all separately, and that was what was so striking: they all kept saying the same thing, down to the details of what they say Cosby did and how they processed it. Those echoes were what helped us know how to shape the story.” Thanks to our sponsor, TinyLetter. Show Notes: @noreenmalone Malone on Lognform [2:00] "Hannibal Buress Called Bill Cosby a Rapist During a Stand Up" (YouTube) [2:00] "Bill Cosby Raped me. Why Did It Take 30 years for People to Believe My Story?" (Barbara Bowman • Washington Post • Nov 2014) [12:00] "Bill Cosby, in Deposition, Said Drugs and Fame Helped Him Seduce Women" (Graham Bowley and Sydney Ember • The New York Times • July 2015) ... Show More

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