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Episode 140: George Quraishi

May 6th, 201553:13

George Quraishi is the co-founder and editor of Howler. “We raised $69,001. And that paid for the first issue. I call it subsistence magazine making, because every issue pays for the next one.” Thanks to TinyLetter, Squarespace, The Great Courses, and Aspiration for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @quraishi georgequraishi.com [23:00] "Dispatches From the World Cup" (Luke O'Brien • Slate • Jun 2006) [23:00] "The Beast Of Brazil: A Savage Trip To The Dark Heart Of The World Cup" (Luke O'Brien • Howler • Nov 2014) [23:00] "The Miami Connection" (Robert Andrew Powell • Howler • Mar 2015) [24:00] This Love Is Not For Cowards (Robert Andrew Powell • Bloomsbury • 2012) [42:00] "I’m George Quraishi. Ask Me Anything." (Reddit • Nov 2014) [50:00] Quraishi on Fusion

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