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Episode 151: Ian Urbina

Jul 29th, 201543:24

Ian Urbina, an investigative reporter for The New York Times, just published "The Outlaw Ocean," a four-part series on crime in international waters. “It is a tribe. It has its norms, its language, and its jealousies. I approached it almost as a foreign country that happened to be disparate, almost a nomadic or exiled population. And one that has extremely strict hierarchies—you know when you’re on a ship that the captain is God.” Thanks to TinyLetter and Casper for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @ian_urbina Urbina's New York Times archive [5:00] Review Longform Podcast in iTunes [17:00] "Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship" (The New York Times • July 2015) [18:00] "'Sea Slaves': The Human Misery that Feeds Pets and Livestock" (The New York Times • July 20... Show More

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