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Episode 147: James Verini

Jun 24th, 201551:37

James Verini, a freelance writer based out of Nairobi, won the 2015 National Magazine Award for Feature Writing. “That is probably the most alien, jarring thing about working in Africa: life is much cheaper. More to the point, death is very close to you. We're very removed from death here. Someone can die at 89 in their sleep here and it's called a tragedy. In Africa, I find that I'm often exposed to it. That's part of why I wanted to live there.” Thanks to TinyLetter and Trunk Club for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: jamesverini.com Verini on Longform [1:00] "Love and Ruin" (The Atavist Magazine • Feb 2014 [2:00] "Escape or Die: Capture by Somali Pirates" (New Yorker • Apr 2015) [5:00] "Hostage Support Programme" [9:00] @andrewmarantz [10:00] "Close Your Heart" (Slate • Sep ... Show More

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