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Episode 136: Anna Sale

Apr 8th, 20151:05:16

Anna Sale is the host of Death, Sex & Money. “It's the result of listening, of feeling listened to, that people open up. I look like a crazy person when I do interviews, because sometimes someone will be describing something and I will close my eyes and try to picture what they’re telling me. And if I can’t picture the moment they’re describing I’ll just try to dig in a little bit more.” Thanks to TinyLetter, The Great Courses, MarketingProfs, and WealthFront for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @annasale annasale.com [3:00] The Atavist Magazine [3:00] "Operation Red Falcon" (Ronen Bergman • The Atavist Magazine • Apr 2015) [4:00] Another Round with Heben & Tracy [7:00] "This Senator Saved My Love Life" [10:00] "Brooklyn Left Me Broke and Tired" [15:00] "How to B... Show More

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