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Episode 133: Adam Platt

Mar 18th, 201558:05

Adam Platt is the restaurant critic for New York. “My job was described to me recently as ‘the last great job of the 20th century.’ I think there might be something to that.” Thanks to TinyLetter, Lynda, Casper, and Wealthfront for sponsoring this week's show.  Show Notes: @plattypants [1:00] Longform Podcast #43: Margalit Fox [12:00] "Apple of the Times" (New Yorker • Jan 1993) [sub required] [12:00] "Messing About" (New Yorker • Mar 1993) [sub required] [18:00] "The Apotheosis of Fresh" (New York • Dec 2009) [41:00] "Restaurants" A review of Le Cirque (Ruth Reichl • The New York Times • Oct 1993) [43:00] "Hi, I'm Adam Platt, Your Restaurant Critic" (New York • Dec 2013)

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