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Episode 156: Renata Adler

Sep 2nd, 20151:22:23

Renata Adler is a journalist, critic, and novelist. Her latest collection of nonfiction is After the Tall Timber. “Unless you're going to be fairly definite, what's the point of writing?” Thanks to MailChimp, and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: Adler on Longform Adler's New Yorker archive [7:00] I, Libertine (Theodore Sturgeon • Ballantine Books • 1956) [8:00] After Tall Timber: Collected Nonfiction (Ballantine Books • 2015) [9:00] "Letter from Selma" (New Yorker • Apr 1965) [9:00] "Fly Trans-love Airways" (New Yorker • Feb 1967) [15:00] "Letter from Israel" (New Yorker • Jun 1967) [sub req'd] [17:00] "Letter from Biafra" (New Yorker • Oct 1969) [sub req'd] [34:00] Adler's New York Times film reviews archive [47:00] "An American Original: Excerp... Show More

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