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Episode 142: Sarah Maslin Nir

May 20th, 201549:30

Sarah Maslin Nir, a reporter for The New York Times, recently published an exposé of labor practices in the nail salons of New York. “The idea of a discount luxury is an oxymoron. And it’s an oxymoron for a reason: because someone is bearing the cost of that discount. In nail salons it’s always the person doing your nails, my investigation found. That has put a new lens on the world for me.” Thanks to TinyLetter, Trunk Club, and Aspiration for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @SarahMaslinNir sarahmaslinnir.flavors.me [1:00] "The Price of Nice Nails" (New York Times • May 2015) [1:00] "Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers" (New York Times • May 2015) [12:00] "Saying Court Win Helps, Nail Salon Workers Rally" (New York Times • Apr 2012) [30:00] "Fighting a McDonald’s in Q... Show More

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