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Episode 115: Jen Percy

Oct 29th, 201445:00

Jen Percy is the author of Demon Camp: A Soldier's Exorcism. "As is the nature of obsession, you just start gathering materials, hoarding documents and taking notes in a way that’s totally chaotic and overwhelming. You don’t even care yet because you’re so excited by what you’re gathering. If you start trying to make a narrative out of it too soon it will be false or it will fall apart." Thanks to TinyLetter and Dear Thief, the new novel by Samantha Harvey, for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @JenPercy Percy on Longform [1:00] "My Terrifying Night With Afghanistan's Only Female Warlord" (The New Republic • Oct 2014) [1:00] Demon Camp: A Soldier's Exorcism (Scribner • 2014) [19:00] "Voice in the Night" An excerpt from Demon Camp (Harper’s • Nov 2013)

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