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Episode 134: Dayna Tortorici

Mar 25th, 201553:37

Dayna Tortorici is the editor of n+1. “You can't fetishize conflict so much. Because conflict does generate a lot of good work, but it also inhibits a lot of good work. I think people do their best work when they feel good. Or at least don't feel like shit. ... So I've tried to create a culture of mutual encouragement. Especially when you're not paying anybody, that's all you can really offer.” Thanks to TinyLetter and Wealthfront for sponsoring this week's show. Show Notes: @dtortorici nplusonemag.com [2:00] Longform Podcast #30: Keith Gessen [19:00] "Hands Up: A Roundtable on Police Brutality" (Cosme Del-Rosario Bell, Elias Rodriques, Doreen St. Felix, Dayna Tortorici • n+1 • Nov 2014) [19:00] No Regrets [25:00] "Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America" [39:00] What Was the Hi... Show More

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