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Episode 149: Ross Andersen

Jul 8th, 201548:13

Ross Andersen is the deputy editor of Aeon Magazine. “One of the things that’s been really refreshing in dealing with scientists—as opposed to say politicians or most business people—is that scientists are wonderfully candid, they’ll talk shit on their colleagues. They’re just firing on all cylinders all the time because they traffic in ideas, and that’s what’s important to them.” Thanks to TinyLetter and AlarmGrid for sponsoring this week's episode. Show Notes: @andersen Andersen on Longform [2:00] Aeon on Longorm [5:00] "Zapped" (Mary H.K. Choi • Aeon • Sept 2013) [5:00] "Awaiting Renewal" (Heather Havrilesky • Aeon• July 2013) [5:00] "Brigid Hains on the Launch of Aeon" (Interview by Catherine Balavage • Frost Magazine • Oct 2012) [11:00] "Are We Alone?" (Caleb Scharf • Ae... Show More

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