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Episode 221: Adam Moss

Nov 23rd, 201659:29

Adam Moss is the editor of New York Magazine. “I think [change] is good for journalism—it’s what journalism is about. You can’t write about something static. News is about what is new. So there’s plenty of new right now. I’m not saying it’s good for the citizenry or anything like that, but, yeah, for journalists it’s an extremely interesting time. There’s no denying that.” Thanks to MailChimp, BarkBox, Squarespace, and Sock Fancy for sponsoring this week's episode. [03:15] "Meet the Editor: Adam Moss" (Brian Lehrer Show • Dec 2013) [07:00] "America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny" (Andrew Sullivan • New York • May 2016) [20:45] Rolling Stone College Papers [32:15] "The Media Business; Lack of Ads Kills 7 Days Magazine" (Kim Foltz • New York Times • Apr 1990) [36:30] "Why isn’t this ma... Show More

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