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Episode 85: Tavi Gevinson

Jul 15th, 20151:01:14

Tavi Gevinson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie. "I just want our readers to know that they are already smart enough and cool enough." Thanks to our sponsor, TinyLetter. Show notes: @tavitulle Rookie thestylerookie.com [4:00] "Tavi Says" (Lizze Widdicombe • New Yorker • Sep 2010) [30:00] "A Teen Just Trying to Figure It Out" (TED • Mar 2012) [33:00] Rookie Yearbook Two (Drawn and Quarterly • Oct 2013) [40:00] Longform Podcast #75: George Saunders [43:00] "Super Heroine: An Interview with Lorde" (Rookie • Jan 2014)

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