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Episode 203: Ellis Jones

Jul 27th, 201632:39

Ellis Jones is the editor-in-chief of VICE Magazine. “I’m just not an edgy person. You know what I mean? I think I am a nice person. I think VICE Magazine reflects the qualities that I want to have or think that I have or that my team has. The magazine would be terrible if I tried to make edgy content ... people would just see right through it. It wouldn’t be good. Thanks to MailChimp and EveryLibrary for sponsoring this week's episode. @ellisjones [00:15] "RNC 2016" (Justin Peters • Atavist Magazine • Jul 2016) [6:45] Balls Deep (VICELAND • 2016) [15:15] Motherboard [17:45] "Inside the Unregulated Chinese Hospitals That Make Men Impotent" (R.W. McMorrow • VICE Magazine • May 2016) [21:00] VICE (HBO • 2016) [21:00] VICE News [21:15] Dos & Don’ts Archive at VICE [22:00] "Is Vice Getting Ni... Show More

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