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Episode 238: Hrishikesh Hirway

Mar 29th, 201745:44

Hrishikesh Hirway is the host of Song Exploder. “I love the idea that somebody would listen to an episode [of Song Exploder] and then the feeling that they would have afterwards is, ‘Now I want to make something.’ That’s the best possible reaction. Whether it’s music or not, just that idea: ‘I want to make something.’ Because that is the thing that I love most, getting that feeling.” Thanks to MailChimp and MeUndies for sponsoring this week's episode. @HrishiHirway [00:00] Stoner [01:45] BBC’s Classic Albums [02:30] "Episode 80: Bojack Horseman" (Song Exploder • Aug 2016) [02:30] "Episode 95: Moonlight" (Song Exploder • Jan 2017) [09:15] Genius [09:30] Who Sampled [18:00] 99% Invisible [19:15] "Episode 42: U2" (Song Exploder • Jun 2015) [22:30] The One AM Radio [23:00] Moors [26:30] City ... Show More

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