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Chosen Family

S2 E11: Love At The End Of The World with Kai Cheng Thom

37:34 | Nov 13th, 2019

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Moving into a new apartment brings up intense feelings around identity and safety for Tranna. Then, writer-performer and former social worker Kai Cheng Thom talks about cancel culture and chosen famil...Show More



Ask Me Anything: We're hosts of the CBC's Chosen Family pod where we talk to artists and creators (usually queer, but not always). In this episode with Kai Cheng Thom, we chat about cancel culture and chosen families. Ask us anything 'til Feb 25.



mm recommended:Feb 24th

🚨 One of my favourite episodes of all time. So much real talk with @trannawintour @thomasleblanc and @kaicheng on cancel culture and chosen family. If you're a community organizer, this is the conversation you need to bookmark and refer back to over and over to fill yourself up, re-energize, and pu...Show More

fiercefab recommended:Feb 19th

Hi all, great episode! I wondered if you could all speak a bit more to the theme of "ideological purity" and the ways we weaponize our values. How can progressive communities avoid the pitfalls of ego and dogma and instead foster spaces for healthy disagreement and dialogue? (Here for all the ex...Show More

mmFeb 19th

Hey @fiercefab Just quick FYI that the AMA is over this way:

fiercefabFeb 19th

@mm Whoops! Moving it over :)

aliceko recommended:Feb 19th

I didn't have any expectations when I hit play on this episode. I was immediately sucked into Tranna's story about moving apartments and finding new energy in her new space. Author Kai Cheng Thom had so much wisdom to share... hurt people hurt people. We don't need to be perfect to deserve empathy. ...Show More

fiercefabFeb 19th

The babies > friends thing stood out to me too. I love that Kai said "people go where they go" without making anyone wrong. The new parents in my life seem to struggle with guilt over being less available, as well as fear of losing their pre-parent identities. I think sometimes they promise that'...Show More

mmFeb 20th

@fiercefab @aliceko The part where @kaicheng said that knowing the “intensity of the relationship” and love for each other’s company was real, really resonated. It’s like a macro version of going to summer camp or conferences in far away places and having really intense time spent with people you’ll...Show More

alicekoFeb 21st

@fiercefab The best friendships are the ones that never make you feel guilty. I can relate to this too :) "I've really loved being a non-parent in their lives that understands." Actually, a recent Meditative Story podcast from Reid Hoffman discussed the importance of adult friendships. You may like ...Show More

cbcpodcasts recommended:Nov 14th, 2019

Our advice to you is to have a notebook ready when you listen to the latest episode of Chosen Family, featuring Kai Cheng Thom. If you're hungry for nuance, this conversation will feed you. ✨ “We do not need to be perfect people in order to deserve kindness, sympathy, compassion, help, healing. We ...Show More

alicekoFeb 19th

@cbcpodcasts I wrote some of these quotes down too! Gives me chills. @serena These are amazing quotes