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White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio

Screened Out: Do Canada’s breast cancer screening guidelines put 40-something women at risk?

26:39 | Dec 13th, 2019

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Twenty percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are in their forties. But Canadian screening guidelines say little about what women at that age should be doing to stay on top of the “big ...Show More


epekilis recommended:Jan 18th

Thanks for the recommendation. This was very thought provoking. They did not go deep into why the recommendations were changed to drop the mammogram screening requirement for women over 40. Later in the episode they gave two reasons: 1) that screening in the 40 - 50 age bracket generated too many...Show More

alicekoJan 18th

@serena I'm keeping my eye on podcasts that discuss better breast cancer diagnostics for young women - let me know if you see any!

serenaJan 22nd

@aliceko I have an article I'll send you on this, as there is evidence to suggest the common perception that more frequent testing is benefical is actually false, and exposes women to unnecessary radiation

aliceko recommended:Jan 2nd

Important episode for all women to listen to. Take your breast health seriously because your doctor and the public health care system won’t do it for you. I have a close friend who was misdiagnosed during her early 30s. She felt physical pain in her breasts and two specialists said nothing was wr...Show More

gndv recommended:Jan 1st

White Coat Black Art brings the human experience back into the healthcare narrative & is not afraid to point out areas where our healthcare system needs to improve. Can every health care worker listen to this podcast. This episode is a great example of seeing where the healthcare has system failed...Show More

mmJan 1st

What I'm really worried about is women in their 30's getting breast cancer, let alone 40's. I know of a few people with stage 4 breast cancer in their 30's and it's so scary! @epekilis @aliceko

alicekoJan 1st

@mm @epekillis This episode is important - thank you, will listen!

alicekoJan 2nd

@gndv Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

gndvJan 2nd

@aliceko you are very welcome. I’m sorry to hear how this also affected your friend.

epekilisJan 10th

@aliceko @gndv Thanks added to list.