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The Anthropocene Reviewed

Auld Lang Syne

24:07 | Dec 26th, 2019

2 recommendations
John Green reviews Auld Lang Syne in this podcast's first ever one-review episode.


mm recommended:Jan 1st

We are here 🎡 A song for the new year!

virovalkyrie recommended:Dec 27th, 2019


mmDec 27th, 2019

Wait, is "one-review" meaning one-star for Auld Lang Syne or just one-review for the episode?

virovalkyrieDec 27th, 2019

@mm it’s a special episode to review only Auld Lang Syne because of the long story John has to tell about the song. It’s really good. When it makes you giggle, sob and sing within one episode, you know this is a good oneπŸ˜‰

mmDec 27th, 2019

@virovalkyrie I AM SO INTO THIS β€ŽπŸ˜± β€Ž But I'm going to save it for New Years Eve. I'm now inspired to make a New Years playlist.

mmDec 27th, 2019

@virovalkyrie Just started a New Year's Eve podcast playlist:'s-Eve-Podcasts Let me know if you have any recommendations!

virovalkyrieDec 27th, 2019

@mm Definitely! 😁