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Code Switch

Beautiful Lies

46:59 | Jan 1st

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So many people's New Year's resolutions are centered around getting in shape, updating their skincare routine, and generally being more attractive. But beauty ideals have a funny way of reinforcing so...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 8th

Omg. No words for this episode. For New Year's, instead of losing weight - get your mind right. This episode from from Code Switch, a race and culture podcast from NPR that discusses the origins of different global beauty ideals and what we can do to decolonize our beauty routines. The most important takeaway is to understand that beauty is influenced by nationalist projects, international relations and geopolitics. And knowing that is the first step. There is truly something for everybody in this episode. As someone of Asian descent and who lives in both North and South America, I've witnessed and experienced different beauty standards. I admit that gaining this perspective inspired me to write an article about demystifying beauty standards: Re: South Korea's plastic surgery - this country went from a tradition of never being able to modify their body (some didn't even cut their hair!) to being the country with the MOST plastic surgery per capita ($12 billion). Interestingly, there was a spike in plastic surgeries during depression as beauty is seen as an "economic necessity". Fascinating to learn how the double eyelid surgery originated - by a caucasian doctor at the end of Korean war who believed it was a "humanitarian service" Re: Latinas - the term "skinny thick" causes pressure as women are expected to be skinny yet curvy at the same time. Women received mixed messaging all the time to "eat more" but stay skinny. Latin community actually has equal rates of eating disorder but studies are only done in Caucasian communities so there is still a stigma in the latin community. Re: black is beautiful. Contestants were not allowed to enter Miss America Pageant unless they were white. Colonized hair routines developed to chemically straighten hair with horrible chemicals.

alicekoJan 8th

So how do we understand the beauty game how we can play in it without falling victim to unrealistic expectations? 1. Limit the messaging you get about diet and workouts on social media, espeically at the beginning of year! Healthy IG accounts to follow: @thebodyisnotanapology @bodyposipanda @recipesforselvelove @transfolkfightinged @latinxtherapy @nalgonapositivitypride 2. Remember that beauty is one way that countries project their power into the world 3. Think about how you can decolonizing beauty routine 4. Learn how you can start to see ALL bodies as beautiful and why @rosaguac Thank you for sharing this episode!!! @mm @serena @susanle @michelle_ebooks @oliviawong @molinos Worth a listen