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Tragedy in Iran: Canadians mourn enormous loss of life in jet crash

25:32 | Jan 9th

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As the world sat on edge Tuesday night, fearful that increasing violence and belligerence between the U.S. and Iran could escalate into war, tragedy struck. But not the tragedy anyone was expecting. I...Show More


fiercefab recommended:Jan 10th

This episode is mostly dedicated to one young woman, Elnaz, talking about her best friend Zeynab — a promising UofT student who was studying to be a doctor, and who wanted to work for Doctors Without Borders, and who wanted to fall in love. She talks about her loving, ambitious friend in such vivid and beautiful detail. It’s really brings this incredible tragedy down to the human level. While I’ll caution that the back half of this episode is already a little dated (given yesterday’s breaking news) the first half speaks to the profound pain that has gripped this country following the deaths of all aboard Flight 752. My heart goes out to all those mourning the beautiful people that were senselessly killed this week. The youngest on board was only one year old. It’s an incalculable loss and terrible shame.

danny recommended:Jan 10th

😟. 63 Canadian died on the plane in Tehran. Sad story but a story talking to a close friend of one of those that died.