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The Documentary Podcast

The Coffin Club

27:41 | Jan 14th

2 recommendations
In 2010, Katie Williams – a former palliative care nurse – started the first Coffin Club in her garage. The idea was that elderly New Zealanders would come together to sand, assemble and decorate thei...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 17th

THIS IS REAL TALK. Beautiful and chilling story about older women in New Zealand who have developed a community of building their own coffins. I mean, we all know this is coming - so why not celebrate death, just like we celebrate birth? Listen to this if you need perspective. "Being on your own is an incredibly lonely place to be even if you have kids, grandkids, siblings - there are times that are not nice to be in, like Christmas". You're still on your own - it's just never spoke of. So many questions to put life in perspective: What would you wear to your funeral? Where do you want to die? What would you decorate your coffin with?

mm recommended:Jan 17th

Wholesome story about elderly women in New Zealand who are creating their own coffins as part of their social club. Lovely to hear that people get to plan what they take with them and surround their final resting place with 💛

alicekoJan 17th

@serena This is a must listen