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Kara Nortman -- Upfront Ventures

39:11 | Sep 5th, 2019

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Kara is a partner at Upfront, a founder, and one of the most prominent investors in LA.  Kara shares about the Upfront partnership (8 different UIs with the same backend), advice for founders, and her...Show More


aliceko recommended:Feb 1st

Great advice for tech founders or anyone who needs to improve at sales, partnerships, and lead generation. Learn how to accept a "fast no" and "know how to ask for things" - like intros, and investment. This is a key skill. Always close by asking "what are the next steps". Here's an interesting on...Show More

mm recommended:Jan 21st

Great pragmatic and valuable advice for founders and how to interact with VCs from one of the top funds in LA. "Fundraising is a muscle and you got to build the muscle at every stage." An episode worth listening again and again if you're a founder going through the fundraising process.

alicekoFeb 1st

Good episode on how to get meetings and intros!

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