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9 Days in July

July 21, 1969 / Lunatics

45:55 | Jan 16th

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The Lunar Module is crippled, and its ability to get off the Moon is in doubt. We also examine how the Moon has captured the human imagination from the beginning of time, first as a source of spiritua...Show More


jnk recommended:Mar 19th

TIL: They're still studying the moon rocks! Also, moon dust is not like sand or the dust we know - it rips and tears, with jagged edges.

mmMar 19th

@jnkay Huh. Interesting. It gives off the impression of being dusty like sand because of that footprint but whadda ya know right?

jnkMar 19th

@mm In later Apollo missions, the astronauts reported that if they fell, the dust cut into their space suits. Unlike sand, which rolls around in the oceans, moon dust isn't completely round, so its edges aren't smooth.