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Twenty Thousand Hertz

#86 | 4′33″

36:04 | Jan 22nd

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John Cage was a respected composer when, in 1952, he created his “silent piece”, 4’33’’ - a piece that would have the music world scratching their heads. This episode asks whether 4’33’’ is really “si...Show More


mm recommended:Jan 26th

Piano music that’s just 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. It hit the top charts once and has a score you can buy. Fascinating episode about this important piece of music. Makes you rethink what music and sound actually means and how you experience it.

vertebrats recommended:Jan 22nd

Though I've heard this story many times in other media I invite every opportunity to listen to a story about John Cage; I find both his work and his thinking endlessly fascinating. At the end you'll have a chance to stage your very own performance of 4'33". I urge you to have an open mind and please not skip or trim out this section!

mmJan 25th

@vertebrats Magical episode. Thanks for the tip about 4’33” at the end! I was making cookies while listening, so my first act was scraping butter from a bowl, second act was prepping the blender, third act was blending. Not exactly silence, but definitely made me more aware of the sounds I make and around me.