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The man who counts trees

23:08 | Jan 16th

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Trees are critical in the fight against climate change. Why was counting them so controversial?...Show More


dandersonphoto recommended:Jan 25th

Very interesting and a lot of good information.

mm recommended:Jan 25th

How many trees do we need to plant in order to stop global warming? How many trees are there in the world? Can planting more trees actually warm up the planet even more? Fascinating episode about trees, climate change, and data. Great listen 🌲🌳🌴

mmJan 30th

@basia I LOVED this episode. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful podcast 💖

basiaJan 31st

@mm thank you! So kind. Really pleased you liked it

mijustin recommended:Jan 22nd

Fascinating look at how we can quantifiably save the planet.

mmJan 22nd

@mijustin I feel like there's a cool playlist about global warming and what to do about climate change in you somewhere. (Did my bad pun work? :p)

mmJan 25th

@mijustin Loved this episode. Thanks for the recommendation!