Fancy Galleries, Fake Art

50:35 | Jan 25th

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How two well-respected New York art galleries sold more than $80 million in fake art. * *Don’t miss out on the next big story. Get the Weekly Reveal newsletter today.


molinos recommended:Feb 16th

Fourteen years selling fake art works for millions of dollars. What did happen when the fraud was discovered? Almost nothing. The primary seller, a Spanish woman, was convicted to three months in jail and that was all. The owners of the two big galleries who sell the art works presumably knowing the...Show More

rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 10th

Another episode about the shady aspects of the art market

dannyFeb 10th

@rmmiller364 this is on art economics / prices but I'm a big fan of slate money and they did an episode on it

rmmiller364Feb 10th

@danny oh cool, I’ll add this to my list!

rmmiller364Feb 11th

@danny I think you’d like this one too:

dannyFeb 12th

@rmmiller364 👌🏾 it was right up my alley.

rmmiller364Feb 12th

@danny also, I loved that Slate Money episode! I wish everyone knew that about art collecting!