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Planet Money

#826: Vodka Proof

20:29 | Feb 26th

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By definition, vodka is colorless, odorless and tasteless. So, could there really be any difference between vodkas? Or is the difference all in the marketing?...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 28th

This was a fun rowdy episode! Is it true that low grade vodka can give you allergic reactions or is it all samesy? Eye-opening history of the premium vodka brand "Grey Goose" and its very interesting origins. Also how Jagermeister turned a drink that's popular with older German men to frat party dri...Show More

olivierFeb 29th

@mm I really enjoyed this episode. Made me want to create my own grey goose.

mmFeb 29th

@olivier There might be a market for “Make your own vodka” shops like those “Make your own wine” shops!

olivierMar 5th

@mm haha. Probably not. Distilling is a lot more dangerous than brewing.

mmMar 5th

@olivier You can just do the mixing concentrate with water part.

mmMar 5th

@jvaill This episode about vodka is 👌